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A few miles East of Aspen, the Lost Man Loop Trail is a real treat from the bustling pace of Aspen itself. This 7.5 mile loop (it’s really a horseshoe rather than a loop) takes you through a long, lush valley and eventually above tree line, the whole while walking parallel to Lost Man Creek. For the most part, the trail runs up at a constant, but gentle, slope that allows for a hike that even though is at a high altitude, is very comfortable. Walking the mountainside at approximately 11,400 feet you’ll arrive at Lost Man Lake. This is a perfect spot for lunch and to take in the beauty of a large alpine lake and its surroundings.

After having a bite to eat descend down past Independence Lake and Linkinns Lake, through dense wildflowers and alpine shrubs to the upper trail head. This is a beautiful full-day hike that is a must for anyone who wants to see a remote area of the mountains without having to backpack.

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